New install of 4.3 android mode. What is default emulated device?

Setting up a fresh win11 system with Processing 4.3. What android system image emulator and android build is used by default? Only a Pixel_3a_API_34_extension_level7_x86_64 got installed in sdk\emulator.
sdk\platforms has android-33 and android-33-2 folders.
Downloading phone system image fails.
Dialog: SDK did not install properly
Console: Error: package path is not valid. Valid system image paths are: system-images; android-24;default;x86
That path does exist. But what path is it looking for?
SDKs updater is up to date.
Android SDK buil-tools 30.0.3
Android emulator 32.1.15
google usb driver 13.0.0
sdk patch applier v4 1
android sdk build tools 33.0.2
android sdk platform tools 34.0.4
intel x86 atom system image 8
android sdk tools 26.1.1
android sdk platform 33 1
android sdk platform 33 3

Thanks in advance. Processing is great i have java, p5, android and pyton all wroking except for the android emulator. I am setting up new lwin 11 laptops for teaching.