My Processing 4.0 will not open

Hello I have been trying to use the new version of processing but to no avail.
The program does not boot at all after double clicking it. It does not apear in taskmanager
yes it is unzipped.

I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

I tried running it as administrator,

I tried troubleshoot compatability

I am trying to use it for school and a few other students also apear to have to same issue.

Some other (maybe) noteworthy things might be:
-PC build
-beta 6 version
-using onedrive on this computer
-processing 3.5.4 does work.

Thank you for your help in advance!


It may be related to this topic:

I had this recently with Processing 4.0b6 with Windows Defender on W10:

I did a “Restore” of the file after I tested it here:


You assume all risks on your own PC when you “Restore” a file.


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This fixed it thanks!

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I just had this issue with beta 9, and your solution worked for me. Thanks!

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