My Introduction

Hello, I am Katakam Mallikarjun from India. I am currently in 2nd year of study of Bachelors of Technology in Information Technology.
I have knowledge in Javascript and some of its libraries like NodeJs, ReactJS and p5.js,. I have some considerable knowledge in python and git as well.
I am looking forward to extend my learning while contributing to this wonderful community.
If given a chance I’d love to work in GSOC for this community.
Can someone let me know where to get started?


Hi @Mallikarjun, and welcome!

Please feel free to start any discussions you like here, or ask any questions. If you are interested in getting involved in p5.js development specifically, check out this answer:

Hello everyone, I am Aniket Kumar from Kolkata, India. Looking forward to contributing to this great community with JavaScript, React and Redux.