3D Snake & 3D Tetris

To improve my skills with Arrays and Translate i start coding 3D Snake & 3D Tetris.
Because the 3D Snake like game 3DNatter ist better than i aspected, I will rewrite QubeBuiler.
In the beginnig i thought Translate is not proper for me, after my experience today i think its more sense to use box(). my former opinien was to make QubeBuiler similar a technical drawing.

you can have a look on at github:

rotate the Qube by mouse an controll the snake with w-a-s-d–e-c
i guess i use some ideas of Xenotaum to make this game more diffred to other snake.

screenshots my games i write last 10 month With java prozessing3:



Towers of Hanoi

Labor VII


Piratenkarte(You must put a Picture in the Square():


Im so tyred. Now my games have the possibility to simple load savegames from webpages(i use normal png formart with get() instructions). Hanoi, Piratenkarte, DVL stored in the “testing” folders on SF now load from my webpage if no lokal png. Hanoi and 3DNatter load a banner linked ti Rechenkradt e.V. a voluteer computing site.


There us much to to but i cant see clare.

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It’s Rechenkraft e.V.

Hi, i download Natter_0_2_6.

is unplayable, extremely slow, at 2 fps.

My pc:
Windows 10.
CPU: Intel core i5 3.2Ghz.
GPU: Nvidia 1050GT.

Sorry,its a matter with a delay(480), the Pink stone speeds up the game and the famerate,its not realy the grafik framerate its a delay difficulty. now there a release with 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D. i work for a better control and some other anoings. I test the link function so i take the Rechenkraft.net a voluteer computing community. there could be a “ad” or somthing, one day.