My first p5.js sketches

I finally decided to make the effort to learn Javascript, so I have been converting some of my old Applets / Java projects to p5.js

You can see some of my new sketches here

Elastic Canvas
I still have the Java project for this sketch and it took some time to create because I had to port the Traer Physics library to JS. Actually I think it looks more jelly like than elastic perhaps I should rename it. :grinning:

Snail Builder
Connecting Circles
Both these were based on ideas on the forum, I just make the effort to turn them into sketches.

This uses both sound and fonts so was a good learning experience. It’s based on a trick played on me more than 20 years ago. :smiling_imp:

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.


Here a some more sketches for you. Note they are not hosted on Open Processing because their programming environment has trouble with more advanced JS code or code that interacts with the DOM.

So these and future examples can be found here rather than OP

Fish-eye Lens
This is an updated version of the one on OP where the user can change the lens properties

Spook Manor
This was created in 2014 for a forum Halloween competition. Originally in Java Mode it now available for a wider audience using p5.JS

Getting the Source code
There is a link to download the Spook Manor sketch (code and resources) for those interested. I plan to add similar links for all my other sketches soon.