Animation in Python mode

I am a complete newbie with respect to P5. Just downloaded the package and before starting, I was wondering if it has the option to create animations, similar to those created by the original Processing framework.

By P5 I assume you mean p5.js :smile:

I have been learning p5.js for the last few months and I have discovered that is just as capable of producing animations as Processing in Java mode. OpenProcessing is full of p5.js sketches many demonstrating 2D/3D animations. Several sketches in my OP portfolio were based on ideas I first implemented in Java mode.

There are some points worth mentioning

You will have to learn Javascript

  • Javascript sketches can be slower than the equivalent Java sketch
  • Producing syntax error free code is harder in Javascript compared with Java
  • p5.js reference documentation is more difficult to navigate round a topic

Personally I am enjoying programming in p5.js and Javascript and I am unlikely to go back to Java mode now. :smile:


Actually, I meant P5 in Python :grimacing:. I am okay with python but don’t know much about javascript (unfortunately). However, now I am trying to learn “original Processing” through these videos, which are nice but a bit slow:

OpenProcessing looks amazing! Thank you for suggesting that. However, I have a few ideas that I am not sure I can find more easily than I can implement them (mainly because I don’t know the right keywords :nerd_face:).

What I have in mind is similar to this (Flocking / Examples / but not quite the same. But the Boid function is pretty complex at first glance.

I’d like to see your works if you share them somewhere publicly and don’t mind sharing:)

Thanks for your response.

Hi and welcome

More animation

Place to start

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No problem I have changed the discussion title so you get more relevant replies.


thank you, quark. (writing to reach more than 20 characters) :slight_smile:


The link you provided explain Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)


Ah. Also thanks Jafal!:slight_smile:

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