P5py-write p5.js sketch in python

Hello guys I’ve made a simple project called p5py. It lets you write p5.js sketch in python.

I’ve been using this to teach my students to learn programming for more than one year. And it’s quite easy to use. Students don’t need to install anything. They just open the website and write python program and run the result immediately in browser with the help of p5.js.

Here is the website. P5py.com

Basically I use brython to translate your python program into javascript to use p5.js and other javascript libraries. It’s quite simple actually.

Python code example:

You can see the result on website. Try it!

Looking forward to all your feedbacks.

And by the way I’m not very familiar with front-end. It may seen a bit messy in front-end. So please help me improve this project if you like.