My boss gave me 6 Teensy 4.0's, can these be used for video?

I want to have a camera that feeds a live stream to my computer, more specifically I want to show the video in Processing. I’ve read the Arduino is not good at processing or showing video so I’ve considered getting a Pi but not sure which one. Today my boos took something he made awhile back apart and gave me all of the Teensy 4.0 he used in the project. So I have 6 of them and have some questions I couldn’t find the answers too online.

The first is, can I control the Teensy from Processing? I have no idea yet how to access the Teensy from processing yet but I wanted to see if these are even usable for me. The line of code I’ve been using to connect to my arduino while running standard firmata is:

arduino = new Arduino(this, "COM4", 115200);

Can the Teensy be incorporated into a Processing Sketch that is already communicating with Arduino Mega? Like in the same sketch could I have my Mega controlling some motors and have the Teensy controlling a camera and visualize both of them in one Processing sketch?

If the Teensy cant handle video then what are they good for? I’ve read they are pretty good for sound but what some other uses they are good for?

On a side note here’s another question; If the Teensy or Arduino aren’t going to be good enough for video, how would I go about incorporating the video in my sketch if the camera is hardwired into my computer? Thanks!

@bking, there are a lot of questions there, I’ll just comment on part. Looks like you can get Firmata for Teensy. There’s discussion online about enabling the Teensy’s com port. Assuming that’s alright you’d need some lines of code like:

teesy1 = new Arduino(this, "COM5", 115200);
teesy2 = new Arduino(this, "COM6, 115200);

Thanks! I’ll have to try that. Ill post my results here some day.