P5JS and Processing direct connect to Arduino?

Please let me know of any way to connect

P5JS to Arduino
Processing to Arduino

It should be a very simple connection suitable for a teacher and classroom to accomplish. This means avoiding installations, drivers, node.js, and the like, which are way too difficult for teachers and students in a normal MS and HS classroom environment. Looking for plug and play!

The goal is

–connect sensors attached to the Arduino to a graphical coding environment as input to code
–command outputs connected to the Arduino from code (servos, buzzers, LEDs)
–allow code parameters including mouse, keyboard, and code variable values to control outputs

Wired USB connection is fine. Bluetooth would be acceptable but might restrict the variety of Arduino boards that could be used. Wifi would be acceptable but may be difficult to configure for multiple computers in a classroom.

WEMOS, nodemcu, ESP32 or similar platforms for the “Arduino” might be acceptable.a


Steve Lewis

Maybe the exemples given with grafica.js library should be OK since it is created for this kind of project.

grafica.js library : https://github.com/jagracar/grafica.js

Arduino and Processing : https://playground.arduino.cc/Interfacing/Processing


tuto : http://makerspace56.org/recuperer-une-valeur-analogique-arduino-avec-processing/

(there are many tutos like this on the web as this one that could be done by student, more playful!!)

hoping my small contribution could be helpful!


You could use the serial library for communication, but i think that you could look at the firmata one