More Astronomy Thinking

After a conversation with someone about my recent article I created the following sketch comparing Heliocentric and Geocentric. I quite like its simplicity and visual aspects so I thought I would share


very nice

I don’t understand the meaning of the circles in the right animation though

Nice use of the vector functions. Maybe a challenge would be to make a Clock out of this.

Here is the coding train’s tutorial on coding a Clock if you’re interested -

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Hi Chrisir,

The white circle is the circular path of Mars around the sun on both right and left. The red circle is another way of representing the epicycle of the Mars motion that I found through trial and error. The ancients used such epicycles to define the path of the planets as observed from Earth.


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Hi Dan,

I like the idea of making a clock. In fact wouldn’t you say it already is a clock. A solar system clock of sorts. Such a clock could guide you for when to look for Mars in the night sky. To make it accurate I could calibrate the actual revolution periods and starting points (though I did make the angular velocity proportionally correct between Earth and Mars)