Astronomy in p5

Hi All, I want to make a p5 app that animates the stars moving in the night sky. I want it to be very similar to this site

Anyone have advice on what to look at. I found a d3 site that is super complex and want to do it more manually. In particular right now I am working on writing the function that takes a date and earth position and gives me a rotation value for the big sphere of stars.




While he works in Processing, not p5.js, @HackinHarry has done a lot of work on this forum (and the old one) on interactive star charts / astronomy sims.

If you search this or the old forum for “solar” you will also find lots of solar system sims. They aren’t for displaying skies, but sometimes involve related concepts like timed rotations.

Other key terms: skybox, skyphere. In essence, drawing a sphere centered on the camera, putting a texture on it, and then correctly rotating it.