MIDI: from Processing to DAW (Windows)

I’m trying to get my Processing sketch to send MIDI to my DAW.

Running the AdvancedMIDIMessageIO example from TheMIDIBus, I can send note on / off messages to Microsoft Sound Mapper and hear the built-in general MIDI instruments respond.

Now, of course, I’d like to send those same messages to a VST running in a DAW.

I’m currently using Reaper but I’d prefer a solution that doesn’t require a specific DAW (I see Ableton Live may have special functionality for this but I’d prefer not to have to switch if I don’t have to).

This question has already been asked and answered recently for Mac and Linux, but it seems Windows is different again.

I am using Virtual Midi from Tobias Erichsen for some years now to share MIDI signals between 2 applications and it works flawlessly. It should work with any DAW that accepts MIDI.
You can find Virtual Midi here Virtual Midi.