Metal - Gary Numan Cover

Music Video done in Processing. Song produced with Processing for android. Midi to Fluid Synth.


Crikey … you have been busy since we last spoke here about midi! Great work …!!!



Yes, i tried some things. I noticed if i plug the phone to the computer with normal USB a dialog comes up and asks which kind of connection I want (MTP;…) and there is also an Option called ‘use MIDI connection’. And that way we can have it as Midi gear in a daw. On Linux I use Jack audio connection kit to connect the ports. So you don’t need a real Midi USB interface, a simple USB cable is enough to connect to a DAW.

I also implemented MIDI clock which is just 248 sent 6 times per 16th note or 24 times per Quater note (PPQN).
For that i changed the size of the playback-array to 96 and send 248 on every cycle, and every 6 cycles i check the cells. I also want to try the Midilist thing. I am looking forward to your Midifileplayer.
Midi programming in processing is fun. Thank you again for implementing it.