Best MIDI library to receive MIDI messages in Processing?


Which library would you recommend to receive MIDI messages in Processing (running in Windows) ?

I’ve seen there’s the midiBus library. Also, Minim seems to be able to send MIDI messages, but I don’t see any example in this library for MIDI reception.

What’s your advice?

Thank you.

Hi @amundsen,

I didn’t use any of those libraries but here are related threads and resource:

Thank you @josephh. The MidiBus seems to be the best option so far but I have difficulties to have the data refreshed at the pace of draw() function, even with the help of a global variable.

Maybe I could try to use the java.sound.midi directly but it will be much more difficult…

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There was some bug in my own code and I have finally managed to use MidiBus as expected.

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