Manually install Contributed Library fails


I’m new to processing and like to “run” the “Background Subtraction Processing Demo” from Jorge Cardoso.on my win 10 with Processing 5.3.5

I failed to install the necessary library

* import unlekker.util.*;
* import unlekker.geom.*;
* import*;

since i got the following error

The package “unlekker.util” does not exist. You might be missing a library.

I downloaded

and unziped it in the

C:\Users\dyz2yme\Documents\Processing\libraries folder and restarted processing as explained in, but …

My Sketchbook path is C:\Users\dyz2yme\Documents\Processing so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Can anybody help me?
Thanks rob

ok seems to be the wrong version of the library - found this one and it works

Now it says
No library found for unlekker.geom

so i have to search for this one … is there any trick to find the right library?

Hi @trob999 so just to be sure, you’re using Processing 3.5 correct?

sorry for the late answer - YES 3.5.3 … Thanks rob