Libraries not listed on Libraries page?

Hi Processing community –

What are some of the the libraries that you can think that are NOT currently listed on the Processing libraries page?

These could be things you use now, or have used in the past, or just heard about / saw annouced – whether or not they are up-to-date now for Processing 3. They might even be things that are in Contributions Manager but not on the Libraries page.

Guesses also welcome – even if you aren’t sure whether it is listed, but don’t want to check yourself.


I’m primarily interested in semi-official libraries that never made it onto the homepage or into the Contributions Manager – but I’m also compiling reporting missing / broken links for listings on this issue:

Not sure these are ready for prime-time, but I’m working on a pair of Processing libraries that should be usable by the end of the summer.

Sync for Processing
NetCDF for Processing


I used this one with 1.5.1 and it did get updated for 2.1 but hasn’t been updated since then. I don’t remember whether it was ever listed on the webiste

Traer Physics


JAMA used this in my classes last year ( Transposing ) for robot movement. Having a class to work with Matrices is important I think and this one I used was great !


Just to clarify, JAMA is linear algebra library for Java (not primarily designed for Procesing) that can be used within P5. I’ve read that EJML (also P5 compatible like any other Java library I guess) is faster, the absolute winner being ojAlgo according to this benchmark. (curious to know how these compare to ND4J)

Incidentally, it would be interesting to have a place (somewhere on this forum or on a specific website / github page) dedicated to the most popular/convenient non-Processing libraries that are compatible with Processing Java and Python.
For example, in Python mode I like to use Bridson for Poisson Disk Sampling or OpenSimplex for simplex noise. These libraries are fairly simple but extremely useful in a lot of cases.


Another one, Plethora library but the link to the source file is broken.

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Looks like it was hosted on a separate URL, domain now gone but last archived 2018:

…and the zip wasn’t archived. Lib was last developed on bitbucket:

…but the account is now gone.

However, the unofficial repo is still up, and the latest (v3.0) distribution for Processing2 was added there in 2013:


Thanks @richie_redey – I’m assuming this is the jSoup that you mean?

Can you share a link to proHtml?

i misunderstood i thought u meant what capabilities we would like to see, sorry

Not a problem at all! To finish your thought, did you mean HTML processing capabilities added to the Processing (Java) core, or as a bundled core library like Sound or Video or Network?

Multithreading drawing:

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