Libraries with Android Mode


I searched some answers to my question but I found nothing.
So, I’m trying to develop an Android app with the Android Mode on Processing 3.4. It works pretty good but I would try to use librairies into my app. I downloaded and installed it on my computer but it don’t works.
I think that’s why I didn’t give the libraries to my phone so it don’t understand my code.

If you have soluce please write me!

(sorry for my english, if you want some more explains tell me :wink: )

hey Neo,

Which libraries are you trying to implement ? and have you checked if they are compatible with android mode ?

If you’re looking to use sound for example the cassette library is like the sound library made by processing but works with android too.

I would implent GUI librairies, like ControlP5.
Oh, no I didn’t check that. How can you find it ? On the website of each librairies ?
Thanks for your answer, and do you know GUI librairies that works with android too ?

quite sure that controlP5 & G4P lib do not work (till recent days!) with Android but that is not really a problem as Android as a vey long list of widgets for GUI: button, imageButton, listView and so on…, which are simple to use and customize.

Oh great!
But are these widgets includes in the Android Mode in Processing ? Do you know a list of all of these functions ?
So, if I understand well, there is in the Android Code in Processing some class or fuctions that permit to do GUI ?

I found that, but is it the only references we can used for Android Mode ?

Where are the GUI’s API ? Like :

You CAN use all Android widgets with P5 BUT you have to code them using android native; in this forum or in the previous one i have put examples for that. As for simplify, let us say that you create a button importing this class, creating a new instance of it (Button monBouton = new Button()), create a layout for it (color, size, x, y), add onclickListener(), and finally add the button to the rootView (that must be done in the onStart() of the fragment lifeCycle…

Alright, thx, I will try that.
But, for the button it’s done, I would use a textField and a list. I know that it’s possible to code it without lib but I want it for better render. It is possible to do that ?

same way for a textfield (called textView by android) and a listView…