GUI Library recomendation


I’m new to processing and have been taking a look at the libraries, ControlP5 and G4P to make GUIs. These libraries don’t seem to be updated for a long time.
Could someone recommend me a library where to make modern GUIs.
My intention is to control, from a mobile phone or tablets, robots developed with the arduino platform.

If you want pure Processing libraries, you can check on the Processing library page the list of library for GUI but those 2 ones are the one that get used the most.

Now if you can use any JAVA library you want and I guess a simple google search will give you plenty of results.

Sorry I must correct that in case anyone else reads and believes it.

As the creator of G4P I have maintained, fixed and enhanced the library since it’s first appearance in March 2009. There were 4 releases in 2016, 3 in 2017 and 1 this year and I regularly check this forum for queries or problems related to G4P.

Normally there is a flurry of G4P releases when Processing makes major changes for instance when it went from V1 to V2 and V2 to V3 but then they settle down. Now Processing V3 has been around for some time new releases for G4P releases are simple bus fixes but as a long established library the number of these releases will drop.

To the best of my knowledge I believe you can say the same thing for ControlP5 which has been around longer than G4P


Just noticed that this is in the Android section of the forum, G4P does not work on Android.