List of compatible libraries?

Is there a list of libraries that are compatible with Android mode? I was hoping to use G4P to develop the GUI and Pd4P3 to call libpd (the Pure Data audio engine). But after searching this forum, I see that G4P doesn’t work in Android mode (correct me if I’m wrong about that). I suspect that Pd4P3 doesn’t work in Android mode either (it crashes when I try to run my sketch). Rather than trying other libraries one-by-one (which might turn out to be a waste of time), is there a list of libraries that are “certified” to work in Android mode? And if anyone can recommend alternatives to G4P and Pd4P3, I’d appreciate it very much.


It’s difficult to get Java widgets to work on Android. Here is one alternative:

A more historical version is here:

And you can roll your own fairly easily if you are so inclined. eg its not too difficult to create your own Button class which is just a rectangle that you trap a click(touch) on.

Thanks. I think I’ll try ControlP5, though. So far, it seems to work, although not all the examples on their web site do (missing methods in some cases). And it provides all the widgets I think I’ll need.

For sound, I’m going to try Cassette. It’s supposed to support Android, although I haven’t tried it yet. I’d still like to run Pure Data patches on Android, though.

In my experience the ControlP5 widgets don’t always perform as expected. I’ve forgotten the specifics but I do recall having trouble with some of them in the past when used in the Android environment (no problem in Java). Depends on what you are using them for; just be sure to check the performance to make sure it’s what you expect.