Language Server For Processing (LS4P) contribution (not GSoc related)

Hey i’m Efratror a coding enthusiast from the Netherlands. I became acquainted with Processing and the foundation through “the coding train” youtube channel. I’ve been using it on and off since then.
On thing that bugged me a bit ever since was the lack of a good vs-code extension with languages server capabilities like renaming, diagnostics ect.

Some extensive google searches later i’ve found the LS4P repository. After some work to get it up and running (dependencies were outdated) i’ve been developing it a bit over the past few weeks. At the moment there are PR’s created for a small number of bug fixes, windows build support and support for using multiple files(tabs). I was currently thinking about developing the renaming feature for the server. The main contribute @syam_sundar_k already said that contributions were welcome but it might take him sometime to merge these PR’s which is not a problem at all.

But to my sad surprise this post came up on the discourse. Stating that Ben Fry would rather have a Java implantation of the language server which is understandable.

Now my question is what is the new plan regarding the current LS? Is development going to be ceased for the nodejs implementation? Are new contributions still welcome and meaning full? And if development is going to be ceased does anybody object releasing a non official vs-code extension based on the current implementation?

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I have been waiting for this for a long. I don’t think it is gonna happen. Maybe if Jetbrains decided to support Processing in their products we would have some tooling there, otherwise no.