Processing Language Server - GSoC'19

Hi all,
This is Syam Sundar K, a final year Computer Science Undergrad from India. I’ve been a part of Google Summer of Code with Processing Foundation last year - Developed an AR Renderer for Processing Android (Mentored by Andres Colubri @Andres and Jesus Duran) which is now a part of the Beta release of Android Mode and will soon make it to the Stable Release.
You find my previous work here:
Final Blog:

I find LSP for Processing Language quite interesting in the this year’s Idea List for GSoC. I feel that now is the right time to step up the way that PDE looks and works, LSP shall stand as the benchmark for this to happen and shall also help in editing Processing Sketches in other editors - providing functionalities such as auto-completion, go-to-definition, hover-insights and so on.

I’m excited about this Project and I hope to gain more insights about the same.! @REAS a few thoughts will be helpful.!


Update: I’ve been looking into the protocol for the past couple of days now and I feel comfortable understanding the components that will help me make up to the desired result of the above-specified project.!
I’m up to creating my proposal and will update here soon.

CC: @Andres @REAS @lmccart @kjhollen @kfrajer @jeremydouglass Any thoughts / recommendations before I begin drafting my Proposal.!

This idea is really awesome and personally I am interested in it too. While I am not a student this year thus I cannot apply for it.

Personally, I think it is better to provide a prototype to show the feasibility of the idea and your ability to finish it.

Good luck!


Glad to know you’re interested in it too @gaocegege.! I’m building and experimenting with the existing Java Language Server which is being developed and maintained by Eclipse Foundation -
Resource site:
This is helping me to get things straight as I progress along (personally reading code gives me a much better picture on how things works than documentation).

Sure, I’ll be providing few code snippets, statements and architecture / logic diagrams in the proposal so that whoever reads it shall get the implementation details on-point.!

Thanks a ton.!

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Here is my Draft Proposal for Processing Language Server:

Hoping to get it reviewed.! :blush:


I am about to dive back into Processing again, after a long hiatus, and an LSP for this would be absolutely fantastic (especially considering I do all my coding in nvim…) Has there been any movement on this? Unfortunately I am nowhere near skillful enough to dive into this myself, but I would be very happy if somebody had done some work on this…