Continuing Development of Language Server for Processing for GSoC '22

Hello everyone,
My name’s Toshan Luktuke, I’m a second year undergraduate student studying Computer Engineering from India. I am quite interested in contributing to the Language Server for Processing Project and wish to work for it under GSoC '22.
The current implementation is quite good but it could stand to be improved especially with its speed and responsiveness.
I spoke to @syam_sundar_k about continuing development, however he isn’t mentoring this year so I’m wondering who should I contact regarding the future work related to this project.
Some directions would be greatly appreciated @saberkhan @REAS


Hi @toshan1603 just replied to your email. Posting the feedback I got from Ben Fry about Language Server for Processing so other can see it too.

“One thing would be that we’d ideally have it written in Java—the previous approach had been this Node-based setup which makes things really messy: we’d have all of Java-based Processing, plus a Node/Electron app to do the LS, and then another Node/Electron app that was the editor (whether VS Code or Atom or a mini PDE that we write). We really just want a Java version of the Language Server which can then be used by these other apps.”

Thanks a lot for the reply! I’ll definitely look into Java language servers and their implementations.