GSOC 2019, Idea for Improving PDE

Hi! My name is Arihant Joshi and I am a 3rd Year Engineering student in BITS Pilani.
I would like to contribute in Processing for GSoC 2019, and I would like to work towards adding more development tools for the PDE.
I have used various IDEs like Eclipse and IntelliJ Idea for Java, and I have to say that it’s Usage tool and autocomplete features really help to streamline development, specially for large projects. I would like to Develop a library which provides similar functionalities to PDE.

This idea, I realize, is not as fleshed out as I would like right now, and I am open to more suggestions and guidance in this.
Please reply if the idea is welcome.

I think it could be interesting to make changes to VSCode.
It could be done to the original source since it’s license will allow it.

Or else an extension, if possible. It will depend on the things wanted, and what the API allows for an extension.

For the changes to VSCode, strip it down, just disable almost everything. And allow for things to be enabled later on.

So will it still fall under the scope of GSoC?