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Hi all,

I’ve been studying Processing full time for 6 months and would like your opinion on what would be the next step to start using these skills and get compensated economically (as soon as possible :sweat_smile:).
I’m sure there are multiple paths, and each would require a certain level of specialisation, meaning more studying, and would like to use my time in the most efficient way.

So far, I’ve heard of:

  • Generating stills for printing, and sell those online or in a more traditional way.
  • NFTs
  • Installations for live events
  • Shaders
  • Data analysis and representation (mapping, charts, etc)
  • Teaching Processing

Please comment with other career paths and I can add them to the list for future user’s reference.

Anyone in particular you guys feel is ‘The One’ the industry is really demanding?

Is Processing just enough? or knowing Java, Python etc is absolutely mandatory to be able to land a job/get a paid gig?

Looking forward to your contributions :metal::sunglasses:

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I think NFT’s are going to burst, there are signs of bubble economy.
For data analysis Python is more relevant (huge collection of tools and libraries) and for representation it’s either Business Intelligence tools, web hosted tools or javascript libraries (for browser).
Selling stills or installations is much about building name and recognition first and then being able to sell. Of course you need interesting content too.
Teaching Processing is viable; there are sites where you can sell video courses. With good content you can get income.

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Thanks @SomeOne! So basically with just Processing there’s not much out there right? :weary:
Except building your own name as an artist I guess…

Yeah, I’d say so. There might be nooks and corners I don’t know about. And I could be wrong about NFT too. Teaching programming with processing with a series of video courses is a valid option. Being an artist is as easy or difficult as otherwise.

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Agree… well it’s an interesting path anyway and I enjoy creating and learning every day :blush::+1:

To @all the rest in the forum, if you have additional views or opinions please feel free to comment. I think this is a great topic that anyone can benefit from even if you look at this post in a few years time.

Do you want to earn money by the side or you want full time work?. Since you’ve learnt processing, I will advise that you also learn Java, C# and Python so you’ll be a solid software developer. Freelance jobs are usually Web based which implies that you have to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the start then you’ll have to learn one or more of the moden JavaScript frameworks like: React, Angular and probably JQuery(old js framework). The above are for front-end web development but that’s a good entry point, a good place to start. God bless you.

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Thanks @Chigoz, great advise on the software development path! God bless you too! :sunglasses::+1:

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