Is there a good place to hire Processing Developers?

I am looking to hire some help to make a certain processing program.

Without getting into the details (in case this is not the place for it) where are some good places to find people like this?

Is there anywhere on this forum?

What about on the larger internet?

Any tips would be great as I am officially a bit in over my head haha

This is the place. Several forum regulars are willing to write code for money. I am one of them. Shoot me an email:


I’m also interested for this kind of work! :wink:

You can contact me at :
You can also check my github account here :

I don’t understand. I always thought that processing wasn’t good for professional things? Doesn’t it have far too many default functions and runs slower than the same project in java?

I might be wrong since I treat processing as a hobby and am nowhere close to being able to earn money from it.

He did not provide details so we do not know what this is for.


It depends on the needs of the application :

  • For artistic installations, art projects, interactive setup and experimentation it’s very well suited because Processing was made for that. You have all the tools and libraries pre assembled

  • For teaching code this is also an amazing tool, visuals are a good vector of knowledge.

  • For video game, you can build simple ones in Processing. However for optimized games and graphics performance, you might want to work at a lower level with C++ and graphical APIs like OpenGL.

  • etc…

I see Processing to be more an experimentation framework for creative and interactive applications. For industrial applications and high performance and availability it’s not the way to go.

The choice of the language is also important, you have web / server technologies / realtime / low level / functionnal… Each one answer a specific need in programming :wink:


interesting. I learned something new

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I also found this old forum thread with good explanations by @Chrisir :