Issues with accessing video in exported application

Hi! I’m having an issue that’s causing me some trouble. I wrote a little application to power a twitterbot that pulls up one of a few possible video files, and tweets out a random still from it. Everything works fine when I run from the editor… until I export the project as an application, at which point I get a grey window—I’m not sure what the error is since I’m not sure where the console crash data would show up for the exported application. I’ve tried a handful of different locations for the video files, but none seem to work as expected in the application version.

I’m on an M1 mac, so I kind of figured this was a permissions thing, which has been a headache before, but all the permissions it’s asked for at a system level I’ve approved. Any thoughts? A possible mid step would be if there’s a particular place application errors get logged, that would probably get me on the right track.