Cannot play the video after exporting the application


I use the Gstream based video library (import*) to play the video.
When I use the IDE to run the application, it works well. (just a minor warning: after I close the window, processing give me a warning ,“WARNING: no real random source present”)
However, if I export the application and run the executive file, the window pop out but no video is shown.

Can anyone give me some hints to solve this problem?

(environment: GStrteam-based video libray 2.0, processing 3.5.4, windows10(64bis))

Thank you,

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Welcome to the community! :wink:

For this issue, you can visit the issue on GitHub for more details :

Are you sure that the video is in the data folder of your exported application? If you run it from the console, is there an error message?