Video library not working for exported application of the sketch

My sketch works totally fine when I run in the Processing software containing the Processing video library. But when I export the sketch as exe application the same code doesn’t work.

To try I removed the movie from the code and it works when I export.
So the issue boils down to Processing Video Library only



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When you describe an error, please show us the error message by either using the </> button to insert a code snippet or make a screenshot (after searching it online of course !)

The basic examples from the video library also do not export properly. I think that is already good enough for testing?


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Not really, what platform are you using? (Linux, Window or Mac?) Please also give the Processing version and the Video library one.

And also explain “do not export properly”, does it crash? Does it shows an error in the console (do you know how to run an executable from the console?)

Hi, I am facing the same problem.

Whatever platform do I use, Mac or Windows, it dose not work.

I can export the sketch, it would notice that " Done exporting". But when I click the app or exe, it will not run, just showing an empty window. Not only does my sketch, but also the examples from Video Library are facing the situation. You can have a try with the example Loop.

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Are you sure that you have a data folder inside your sketch folder that contains the video you are using in the code?

Thank you for your response.

Yes! I do have the data folder, which you could find in the screenshot, and the sketch run correctly in processing. Maybe you could have a try from the examples?

I have the same problem!

See Exporting Sketch With Movie Is Blank - #5 by neilcsmith

what is your operation system

Both computers are win10

I linked you to the answer - it’s a known problem.