Export Application video not working

So I have to play two videos on my sketch and when I run it on Processing it works well, but when I export the application, it doesn’t work at all. Even the program seems not to be running. Grey screen.

I’m on OSX 10.14.6 and Processing 3.5.4. The processing video library is imported. The videos .mov are in the “data” folder.

I think it’s the same issue as: Video library not working for exported application of the sketch and Cannot play the video after exporting the application

Try this Exporting Sketch With Movie Is Blank - #5 by neilcsmith Obviously need to adapt the answer slightly for macOS.

Ok so windows64 will be macOS but what is .dll?

Offhand can’t remember. And the macOS folder name is probably not that. Just find the library install (in your sketchbook folder?) and replicate the location of GStreamer relative to the video library jars in your exported application.

I do have the gstreamer library inside the application contents

Yes, in the wrong place! That folder and the dylib files need to be in another sub-folder. Replicate what you find in the library folder in the sketchbook.

@abatllei having now had a chance to check the library install myself - move the gstreamer-1.0 folder and all the .dylib files into a folder called macosx and try again.

Ok. Where? Inside the application package? Here:

Doesn’t work either :frowning:

No, because you’re not doing what I said. Add a folder called macosx (lower case) in the folder that has video.jar in it (Java?), move the dylibs and the GStreamer folder into it, so all the relative links from the video.jar file are the same.

OK like this?

Keeps like always, sorry if I don’t understand :’(

That’s OK. Looking closer, except the gstreamer-1.0 folder seems to have changed name, and you still have a gstreamer-1.0 folder above? Fix those and see if it works.

Yes! The video is working now! This is the final solution:

Thank you so much @neilcsmith !!!

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Great! :smiley: Maybe add a comment on Export sketch bug? Native libraries in different location relative to JARs · Issue #176 · processing/processing4 · GitHub Be good if this issue was looked at.