GSOC 2019: Idea selection(p5.js-sound)

I am Alok Singh a computer science and engineering student from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu. I would love to participate in this year’s GSOC and have gone through the Idealist. I am willing to contribute to the following ideas:

  • Modularize p5.Sound library, update & improve infrastructure
    I saw the code related to p5.js-Sound library and found that we can convert all the src code and example into ES6 for better user experience. Create some example with a modern framework like react, angular and uploading sound files to the server. Adding automation test coverage so that we don’t have to check manually every time when something changes in src code.
    I created some pr on the p5.js-sound repository about Adding Travis config and modifying src code to ES6 but didn’t get any reply. Looking forward to the discussion on the pr :slight_smile:

I am an open source lover and contributed to some open source project like gatsby-theme-plone and iodide.