Indentation lines/indication (modifying editor stuff)

I learned to program in an IDE with lines/bars indicating indentation depth similar to what visual studio does

Is there any way I can get these lines?

Hey there!
Rather than having to transport these “lines” into processing you could always just import the processing core intro the editor/IDE your using.

In the Processing IDE itself You can have automatically indents by ctrl-t

You could also open a feature request for those dotted lines in the Processing IDE:

However, it may not be likely. PDE has syntax highlighting, auto-format, autocomplete with hints, and reference lookup – but there are thousands of common IDE features that it doesn’t have and may never have – for example, code folding has been a commonly repeated request over the years. For people wanting those aspects of full IDE experience, your best bet may be importing processing into a Java project in Eclipse, Visual Studio, Atom, or Sublime et cetera.