How to use auto complete?

I’ve never been able to use auto complete in processing. I had this issue with 3.5.4 and just now I tried 4.0a6 and still can’t get it working.

I have autocomplete enabled in preferences, but whatever I type, it never shows completion suggestions when I hit Ctrl + space

Do you have any suggestions on what I might be missing?

I use it all the time with Processing 3.5.4


After I type
I hit CTRL+ SPACE and voila!
I then select an item from the list and enter it.


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That’s great, but when I recreate the exact same sketch and press CTRL + SPACE, nothing happens. Would you have any idea what I could do to fix this?


I have deleted Processing in the past and reinstalled it when I had issues (not this one).

There is some stuff in the %AppData% folder in > Roaming > Processing folder; I have backed this up and deleted it in the past before a reinstall.

Auto complete also works on my W10 Pro (latest updates) with the latest Processing:


Thanks for the tip. I’ve deleted the roaming/processing folder to reset all of the settings, but to no success.

I could report it as a bug, but I’m afraid it’s going to be hard for someone to look at if nobody can reproduce it and I’m the only person experiencing it?


I found this related issue on GitHub:

There may be other related issues in there.


Thank you for finding this! I had looked around before but only found issues that were supposedly already fixed. They use a solution that works for me too, changing the setting pdex.completion.trigger=true gives me auto completion without pressing the hotkey.
I hope it doesn’t become too annoying for me, but it is probably better than no auto completion!