Autocomplete code from IDE

I activated the autocomplete option from the IDE preferences.
Autocomplete using ctrl + space is not working. How does code autocomplete work?
I performed tests with Java and P5.js and in both cases it did not work.

Thank you.

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Try quitting then relaunching processing? To see if the preference change takes effect.

can confirm it works. You have to have some letters typed, then press ctrl + space.

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Just work with Java. It does not work with P5.js
How can I solve it?


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I tested java flavor and I also confirms it works using the PDE (v3.5.4 p5js mode v1.2.2 @ Win10) but not for p5.js mode. This option doesn’t seem to be supported in the online editor either.

You can head to P5.js Github issues and create a request to support this feature. It will be helpful if you cross-reference yours posts.



Autocomplete is a Java mode only feature of PDE, as far as I know. Even if it was added to the p5.js online editor it wouldn’t (automatically) also work in the PDE mode for p5.js, which is a Java-based editor.

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