How to type OR on keyboard (mac)

Dear community,

I am trying to find the keyboard “shortcut” for this sign (which I now copied from the references page):


It is the sign for “OR”. I am currently using a Mac (High Sierra 10.13.4) with a german keyboard.

Help is much appreciated :).



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I don‘t know for mac, But for german Keyboard it’s in General Strg+Alt+<. Though might be different for mac. Probably something like Ctrl+alt+<… Or there somewhere. :sweat_smile: just in case it‘s not working with +L…

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oh boy …

thank you guys very much for the fast answers!

unfortunetally nothing has worked so far. I have pushed several options now up and down my keyboard but so far nothing … found the root and rubel signs though :D.

Try shift +/ or \ . This might be it. Or alt+7.

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alt + 7 did the trick for me! :smiley:

|| ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ( he he)

thank you all very much!

and try to select different languages??


No Problem | ). (should Look like a smile :sweat_smile:) And seems like Shift+/ is for u.s. And alt+7 is german keyboard.

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Thank you!
And yes, actually the first time my language changed to my phoenetic russian one without me noticing. but it is all good now :).