Utility issue: Alt+Arrowkeys combination not working anymore


Since the launch of Processing 4 I have noticed that the (left-)Alt keyboard-combinations (Alt+Arrowkeys, Alt+Delete/Backspace, etc.) don’t work for me anymore. The issue seems really specific considering other, similar keyboard-combinations (e.g. with Cmd) work fine, and outside of Processing the keyboard-combinations with left-Alt work fine.
I’m running Processing version 4.0b1 on a Macbook Pro running Big Sur (v 11.5.2). I’m using an external keyboard, but Processing won’t apply the Alt-combinations with either one. Outside of Processing the Alt combinations work fine with both this one and my Macbook’s own keyboard.

I can’t figure out what might have caused this. It doesn’t seem to be a Preference-setting, or something similar to that. Has anybody else experienced something similar? Is it an implemented feature? It really makes my workflow with Processing a lot more comfortable, so I hope it can be resolved. It’s difficult to find any information about this.

Any help is much appreciated.
Thank you!

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I suggest you try the a test sketch using JAVA2D and P2D since they use different event handling models. You might find that it works in JAVA2D but not in P2D.

Thanks for your suggestion quark. I wasn’t sure how to implement your solution, but it kind of reminded me that I didn’t try uninstalling and reinstalling Processing yet, which unsurprisingly seemed to work. The issue is now resolved.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

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