Ä and RIGHT share the same keyCode. Is that a bug?

So I am currently working on a programm with an Excel-table based structure, and I am using Tab, the mouse and the arrow keys for moving. There was this one problem that wasn’t that big of a deal, but always annoyed me: whenever I typed ‘ä’ or ‘Ä’ in, the program would switch to the next field. Turns out ä and the RIGHT-Arrow share the same keyCode: 39. You probably can’t test this on your keyboard, so here’s a screenshot that proves it. Kind of.

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only have a US keyboard on win7 PC ( english (US) ),
but allow GE keyboard and use ON SCREEN keyboard give me

so, please also try the
possibly can distinguish for the arrow keys.

@kll You’re right, I could test for that. However the problem stays, and I solved it by checking if key != 'ä' && key != 'Ä'.

or use == CODED



void setup() {
  size(220, 220);
void draw() {

void keyPressed() {
  if (key==CODED) {
    // CODED 
    if (keyCode == CONTROL) {
      println("is a CTRL");
  } else {
    // not CODED
    if (key=='ä') {
      println("is an ä");
  }//else if

Yes, checking CODED first before checking for RIGHT is the correct way to do this, according to the reference and examples:


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Thanks! That is a far better solution that the one I found. :+1:

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