Read google gsheet with processing

It is possible read google sheet from processing?

For a single worksheet you can use GSheets > File > Download As > Comma Separated Values (CSV)

Then you can load the gsheet with loadTable to a Table, or with loadStrings if for example you only have one column.

If you want to query the contents of a GSheet over the web then you would need to send network messages from your sketch using the Google Sheets API.

This is decidedly advanced. It might actually be much easier to have a sync client or automatic task to periodically download your full sheet and load the local copy.

Thanks jeremydouglass! For my app I need to read in realtime the gsheet, in this days I try your solution… In the meaning time I’m going to study … If I can do it will update!

Here is a startup tutorial for you. Update with your progress, and good luck!

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Hi, I tryed the GoogleSheet example and it work but is too complex for my to convert in Processing environment… For the moment i will use the last jeremydouglass explained method!

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