Can I self-host the p5 editor in the same computer as my browser?

Hi, I see that I can edit p5 code locally with my favorite editor, and run it locally with a local server and my browser, or edit online with the online p5 editor. I have “deployed” applets using processing.js on my web site and in a Jupyter notebook, but I think I’d like to switch to p5. But I want to serve the p5 editor from my laptop to the browser on the same laptop.

Questions in detail to track down where I may be misunderstanding.

  • Does the p5 editor have both an edit and run window? (If not, never mind, stop here.)
  • Is it able to Open and Save p5 programs from/to my client computer?
  • Is the p5 editor written in javascript? Is it a p5 program itself?
  • Are all the server-side files for it available?
  • Is actual work done on the server (e.g. parsing to do highlighting, or saving on the server side) or does the server just serve static .js and resource files?
  • Are there instructions on how to run the p5 editor on a web server on my laptop (Mac Intel 64 bit, OS 13.6)?
  • Will it run with the little server that’s included in the p5 download?
  • Whether or not it’s official, is anyone here doing this?


Hi @proxor,

Welcome to the forum! :wink:

There’s a lot of questions! Here are my answers:

Are you talking about separate browser windows? Or “windows” within the web page itself? If you are talking about browser windows, I don’t think there’s a way to preview your sketch in full screen without any code editor and toolbar…

The p5 web editor was meant to be served from a web server therefore saving your sketches and assets on the “cloud” (using S3 and AWS I suppose). So you can’t open or save programs to your local computer (this is also limited by the browser and JavaScript API for security concerns). (see this for a desktop version)

Yes, see the GitHub repository: GitHub - processing/p5.js-web-editor: p5.js Web Editor, officially launched!
(it’s 82% of JavaScript and uses the React front-end UI framework)

Do you mean the server side code or assets stored in the server?

No, almost all the work is done in the client browser, the editor, p5js of course and assets and the code is stored server side. It serves static js / html / css but talks to the S3 storage and user account if any

See the contributor Deployment section. It should be better to install it with Docker (if you know it).

Is there a server shipped with the p5 download?

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