How to mark warning/syntax errors in "Processing Language" Extension for VS Code?

Hi, I’m using “Processing Language” extension for Visual Studio Code in Windows, and I already did every step necessary in order to execute successfully a .pde file (which you can find on GitHub - TobiahZ/processing-vscode: A Visual Studio Code extension for the programming language Processing). The problem is, how can I configure the extension, so it could mark an possible warning/syntax error in a specific line automatically (like the actual Processing App does)? The next image shows a clear example of what I’m referring to.

As you can see, Processing (at left) does mark the error on the 11th line. But, when I try on VS Code (at right), the supposed error does not appear visible:

I have installed Processing 3.0 for Windows (just in case this information may be useful to you). Thanks in advance!


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If the feature is not in the extension, feel free to modify the code and make a pull request or open an issue on the GitHub page :

Thanks for the reply. I have posted a request on the GitHub page, still waiting for a replay.

Meanwhile, I made a little of research, and tried to install the “Language Support for Java™ by Red Hat” & “Java Extension Pack” extensions, making sure to configure then exactly as the given instructions dictate. But none of the extensions (correctly set on each of the .json files) solved my problem with Processing :confused:

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