How to generate something like this (concrete choreography)?

How do we generate something like this? What kind of systems (attractors, etc) or tools that could be used to generate these kind of forms?

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Consider contacting Benjamin Dillenburger or other members of the project teaching team and asking what algorithms they used – maybe also check out their lab publications list on printing concrete:

this depicts hollow cross-sections:

and this depicts a gui interface:

…and this mesh library is listed as having been used with the project:



It seems this repo is hosting the first draft (incomplete) of the gui interface that Jeremy posted (mola library included). You’ll probably find many clues regarding the shaping process.

The following screenshot (taken from the presentation video) could also help figuring out the rest (menu on the right).


So they were using with the ControlP5 library – pretty neat. They should post Concrete Choreography in the “Gallery” section of this forum…

Looks like they have two versions of the gui in there – the second is “columnApplet”

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