Drawing, duplicating wireframe


I want to draw an arbitrary number of wireframe cubes over each top of each other.

I’ll do this in processing python mode. I’m wondering what the most ‘pythonic’ way to do this is.

I suspect at the very least, I make code to draw the inner cube, and instead of writing different code for the outer layers, I just scale() the canvas/reference frame larger, and redraw.

But I wonder if there is a clever way to draw the walls of the cube, rather than me specifying 9 distinct line segments to draw.

Any tips for clean code on this ?

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Do you plan to use the 2D or 3D renderer?

As a prototype, I used the 3d renderer, but ultimately I will export it as SVG for plotting on axidraw.

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Can’t you use the box() command and use noFill() before it?

yeah that’s what I ended up doing.

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