How to export a sketch as .exe

i need to create a .exe of my project to run independently of processing environment.
How do i do it.

In the Processing editor, go to File > Export Application and check the options you want. If you are including any external data in your program, make sure it’s inside a .\data folder.

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Tried that,
It generates 2 folders, application.windows32 and application.windows64 and the sketch itself…
In the windows32 folder there are 2 more folders, lib, source and the sketch.
In the windows64 folder there are 3 more folders, java, lib, and source.
May be i don’t know where to look.
I am new to coding and this would be my first exe.


Your .exe file is in your application.windows32 / application.windows64 folder :

Thanks for the help.
it’s working.