How to export applications using Processing 3

I’m reading the pdf file with title “getting started with processing”. On page 12, it talks about using the export button to bundle the code into a single folder. I tried this in my installed Processing software, using Export Application from the File menu bar. I’m using Java mode. So, I got sever folders inside the sketch folder. Yet, I’m not sure how to use them. Could you kindly let me know how to proceed to?

It seems that you are running Processing on Linux. You need to go into application.linux64 or application.linux32 folder (depends on your computer’s architecture). There you can find a bash script with the same name as your sketch. Open a terminal there (Right click -> Open terminal here) and run the bash script by:


This will run your sketch.

You can find more information in Processing Wiki.

Thank you for the quick reply. Please see the attached picture.

I tried to run open the terminal there and run the bash script by:
and my computer just blacked out. Sigh.

can you try again pls,
use a very simple code,
! NOT use any files to load…
! NOT use any library
! NOT use fullscreen
just as a first step.

you get

also double click on file manager works:

We need to set the execute x attribute for scripts to run in Linux/Unix OSes AFAIK: :penguin:

OK. I have the following code. I tried a simple code, and I still think the export applications part behaves strangely.


Could you give a simple example?
Do you mean that I need to run the above sketch in the terminal by
$ -x./sketch

It’s already explained in the posted Wikipedia link: :link:

chmod a+x ./sketch

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-a- yes computers behaves strange
-b- can you be more detailed about the used export settings,
( like this time there is no JAVA subdir to see in your export )
-c- how you end up under desktop ( if i understand you file manager picture correct )
show your preferences settings for sketch path
did you “save as” the “new” project first correctly
-d- i urged you not use fullscreen,
because then you can see the terminal window with the “console” printout.
can you show us that one? see the start?, any errors? …

also pls. read

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Thank you so much for your patient explanations. :wink: I tried to attach more pictures earlier, yet somehow I only have the permission to attach one per post.

After the application export, inside of the sketch_190307a folder, I see

After clicking the application.linux64 folder, I see the following

the lib folder looks like this:

the source folder looks like this:

Each of the four folders inside of the sketch_190307a has the similar structure.

-a- HAHA, glad to know that someone feels the same way.

-b- Please see one of the attached pictures.

-c- This time, I ended up in Desktop, because I saved the file in a folder March_7th in desktop. Earlier, I think I saved the file in Desktop, that’s why it’s ended up there.

-d- Yes. You’re right. You mean the one during which my computer black out? I will paste it in the following.

-a- i use the [x] Embed JAVA
feature of the export options dialog.

-b- your file saving seems not processing style
-b 1- pls. save the project first with processing "save as "
what is your sketchbook path in preferences.txt?
-b 2- then press the export button
and that sub dir structure will be under it.

-c- i need to see the terminal window with start command and error msg
as i show you the small one ( ok i snap it with the running application canvas for proof)