Export Application

I was having trouble exporting my processing project to a .exe file, I’ve searched in many forums and videos, and I’ve asked many people and still I could not find an answer. If someone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated :innocent:

(In the picture is what I get when exporting the project for windows)

welcome to the forum! first of all what are you expecting and what is the problem? I don’t see .exe file in the list but is that the problem you’re facing? Do you get any error message when you export the application?

well, I was told I should get a folder that contains something in this format

name of the project
src //some .java or .pde files
lib //some libraries / .jar files
data //the data folder from your sketch
java //optional

and it probably stopped somehow.
and yes, now that you’ve mentioned it I looked in the console and it sent a really long error message
and then a long list of “at java.(…)”
followed with
“Caused by:”
and then more gibberish I can’t understand :sweat_smile:

hope that’s enough information, and you could help me now
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

hmm I’m not sure if this is relevant but I found an issue that if you have non ascii characters in your folders the build fails

If that’s not the case we may need to see more log that is hidden above in your screenshot.