How to add Processing library(external library) - I wonder

How to add processing library - I wonder.

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  1. In ‘JAVA Mode’, create ‘code’ folder and add ‘jar’ file.

  2. How can I add a library in ‘Android Mode’?
    (external library)

Library link to add:

There are people who know how.
help me.


1 note that is not all libraries are compatible via android mode

For example processing serial library works via processing just and not compatible with Android mode

2 download your library then extract it in processing /libraries path

That’s in general but for your GitHub Link I have no idea how

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  1. In the case of ‘Processing JAVA Mode’, it is not a library provided by Processing, but you can use the library after adding the ‘code’ folder to the same sketch folder.

  2. In ‘Processing Android Mode’, it seems to mean to put it in the ‘Processing Folder/Library Folder’ and test it.

  3. Have you ever tried something other(external library) than the ‘library’ provided by ‘Processing’?

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No I didn’t

You need help in that from people using Android studio

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You can think that it is difficult to operate in ‘Processing Android Mode’, right?


Yes … Read about it and about the issues in your link

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Not sure about installing in Processing; possibly in Documents/Processing/modes/AndroidMode/libraries. However, I was able to install it on my Android device using Android Studio which you will need to have installed on your system if you don’t already. I used the following steps:

  1. Download the github file rtmp-rtsp-stream-client-java-master to your computer.
  2. I then double clicked on the file ‘settings.gradle’ in the download folder (see below) and it automatically opened Android Studio on my system and proceeded to install a series of gradle files.

  1. There was one error which had something to do with the version name and I just REMmed it out.
  2. Make sure that your Android device is shown at the top of the Android window.
  3. Hit run and wait while it installs the app on your device. You should see the following:



Thank you for answer.

In conclusion, it can be solved by working with ‘Android Studio’.
thank you. very thank you.