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Hi all,
I’m teaching beginner programming through p5js to art students. I’ve been struggling to keep the homework assignments engaging while still building solid understanding of programming and javascript - not just p5/processing itself. Does anyone know of a resource where I might find lots of exercise and homework ideas that teach both pure javascript and p5js. If such a collection were organized by programming concept even better!



Code as Creative Medium is a really great teaching resource for teaching creative code in an art context. It doesn’t focus on p5 / js in particular, but has some really helpful exercises that can be easily implemented in many languages. It also has great interviews, tips and lists of artists and works. Highly recommended!


Thank you! That looks great and I will try to get myself a copy or convince the school to buy one.
Love the idea of having all the time tested and classic exercises laid out in one place.


You can also try codeguppy.com - it is FREE and contains tons of projects for classroom.



I agree, What a great ressource!

Code as Creative Medium was an inspiration for teaching and my art practice. However this ressources is less adapted to the specific learning outcomes as they pertain to specific language/syntax concepts. It is more helpful to gain insight into overarching creative possibilities of code.

Here is a great link about the ressource by Golan Levin, one of the books authors

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