Help with Using Processing 4 on Raspberry Pi 4

I have used Processing running on Windows to develop a digital version of one of my wooden skeleton clocks ( It works beautifully.

My goal is to create a stand-alone digital clock that runs alongside its physical counterpart using a Raspberry Pi 4. After several failed attempts to get Processing 4 to run on the Raspberry Pi 4, I have managed to install Processing, launch Processing, and get the splash screen. Unfortunately, I get a complicated error message if I try to run the simplest test case. See below.

So close, but yet so far. Any help resolving this problem would be gratefully welcome.

Richard Cedar.

Missing ELF files or at least path to them Executable and Linkable Format. Windows path structure is pain but maybe the really are missing!

Monkstone - Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I only have a rudimentary knowledge of LINUX, and ELF files are well beyond my expertise. I would welcome any help that you could give me to determine if the ELF files are missing. Also, if they are missing how do you get them and if they are present how to link them.

Below is a static image of the current status of the physical and digital versions of one of my clocks.


RIchard Cedar.

I solved the problem by re-imaging my Raspberry Pi and reloading Processing.