Help with PraxisLive

I am new to praxis live and found it very interesting and i am trying to learn it to use it for visualisation of live coding. I am trying to run the tutorials but only the circles tutorial works perfectly fine. The others are giving an error because i think their video component is blank. @neilcsmith any help or guidance u could provide me with?

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Hi! Glad you’re experimenting with PraxisLIVE. Most likely cause here is that you’re not restarting the hub (red circular arrow) between examples? See Does this work?

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thanks for the prompt reply. Works perfectly now

@neilcsmith I was watching this video of yours and it was an amazing video. And at the end of this video you mentioned about live code audio dsp. Have you done any tutorials or do you have any work done on that? I couldnt find any tutorials. I m very interested in that field.

@neilcsmith I was working on the livecoder example in Praxis Live. Upon uncommenting the comments and after saving and playing the project, I am still unable to hear anything. All i can see is the video and some warnings:

WARNING : /audio/live-coder
[27:17] setup() in has been deprecated (compiler.warn.has.been.deprecated)
WARNING : /audio/live-coder
[74:10] play(org.praxislive.code.userapi.Output,org.praxislive.code.userapi.Linkable.Int) in is potentially ambiguous with play(org.praxislive.code.userapi.Output,java.util.function.IntFunction<org.praxislive.core.Value>) in (compiler.warn.potentially.ambiguous.overload)
WARNING : /audio/mixer-6s
[46:17] setup() in has been deprecated (compiler.warn.has.been.deprecated)
WARNING : /audio/drums
[55:17] setup() in has been deprecated (compiler.warn.has.been.deprecated)
WARNING : /audio/fx
[55:17] setup() in has been deprecated (compiler.warn.has.been.deprecated)
WARNING : /audio/syn1
[52:17] setup() in has been deprecated (compiler.warn.has.been.deprecated)
WARNING : /audio/syn2
[47:17] setup() in has been deprecated (compiler.warn.has.been.deprecated)
WARNING : /audio/fft
[34:17] setup() in has been deprecated (compiler.warn.has.been.deprecated)

Am i doing something wrong or missing out something?

Thanks! There’s not much in the way of tutorials on this topic at the moment, but this more recent video from a talk covers it a bit more - JDD 2017: Write NOW, Run Anytime (Neil C Smith) - YouTube

The video above includes a demo of that project. You should just save the code (not project) and it should update. Have you tried the Funky Origami example to check audio is working correctly?

The warnings are from the project updating from v3 to v4 compatibility. I need to update the example code to be v4.

Hope that helps?!

@neilcsmith Done. I will look into the video u sent. But any work you have already done on this topic? like i m not a pro yet right so still simple things look alot to me. So could you share any simple projects you have done which i could use to learn and move forward? Looking specifically for audio visualisation of live code. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

@neilcsmith i checked out the video. Understanding a little better about it. Do you have any audio spectrums coded for the live coder?