Introduction to PraxisLIVE @ Nice, Dec 1st

As part of ExperienceVJ in Nice, I’ll be doing a workshop for visualists on using Processing in PraxisLIVE. Lots of other great things on that weekend too!

An Introduction to PraxisLIVE
Hybrid-visual live programming for visualists.
ExperienceVJ, Nice, France - Dec 1st

Learn how to use this open-source software to quickly create custom VJ tools, interactive installations, or live-coded performances. Work with nodes and/or code - it’s up to you! The workshop will introduce basic project building and patching. You may then continue working entirely within the intuitive visual patcher, or learn how to “drop down” to the included code editor and live recode nodes using Processing, Java or OpenGL shaders.

The workshop will be lead by PraxisLIVE lead developer Neil C Smith. Participants will need a laptop (Windows, macOS or Linux), ideally with the software pre-installed (USB sticks will also be available).

And if you’re not in Nice / more interested in live-coding Processing, I’ll also be doing a workshop at ICLC in Madrid in the new year … more on that later!

Hi, is there any chances that you would be doing something similar in Toulouse?

Not until you organise something! :wink: Nothing planned as yet, but always up for doing workshops.

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I’m only using processing for fun, not sure I will ever host something. Let’s see :wink:

Well, you can always just convince an organisation nearby that they want to host one! :smile: … or just take a trip to Nice in a few weeks.

Reminder - coming up this weekend. No need to book, though ping me if you want to find out more in advance.