PraxisLIVE v5 beta-1, libp5x and LWJGL renderer

We’ve just released our first beta of PraxisLIVE v5 at and would love to get some testing. PraxisLIVE is a live programming IDE and runtime for Java, and it includes Processing.

As part of moving PraxisCORE (the runtime) to Java 11 and the Java module system, as well as pushing to Maven, we’re currently using a fork of Processing (libp5x). This is using a much adapted form of the LWJGL renderer. I’d ideally like to see this improved and made available upstream, although the necessary changes were rejected from PApplet, so we’ll see. Be interesting to know what interest there is in that! And to know where it is and isn’t working. :smile:

Thanks all!


Was this with Processing 3? What about Processing 4?

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@neilcsmith Really impressed, and I’ve only run a few examples as yet…
Just shows whats possible.

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An issue was opened (and closed) against Processing 4 about this - see also this thread - Main thread task context API (LWJGL)

The current libp5x fork is based on 3.5.3. Processing 4 is a bit of a moving target at the moment. I’ll likely maintain a Java 11 / Processing 3 compatible version for a while, possibly with a JOGL renderer as an alternative option. Unfortunately can’t make this 100% compatible, as the JOGL code will need moving to another package because of Java module rules.

Thanks! You tried some (live) programming with it? Be interested in your thoughts / feedback?

For you, or anyone else, who might be interested in seeing it in action and understanding some of the architecture, there’s also this (last minute) talk at FOSDEM from just before lockdown -


Thank you so much for PraxisLIVE I am looking forward to trying it out. A beginner here… for some reason your talk is on their page, but not on the event videos on youtube.

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Thanks! Looks like they only recently started uploading them to YouTube? I guess Covid may have had a part to play there. In fact, I only spoke this year at the last minute because of someone pulling out from traveling. Unfortunately, the talk I did last year didn’t make it to the archive because the sound was screwed! :sob:

Do jump on our chat if you need any help -

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Updated to beta 2, fixing a few issues / compatibility problems in the LWJGL renderer along the way

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And we now have our first full v5 release - available from

For video / OpenGL rendering, PraxisLIVE v5 uses a slightly modified version of Processing 3.5.3 with support for Java 11+ and using the LWJGL renderer across all platforms. All video nodes are essentially live editable Processing sketches.